All sitting services include the following in addition to lots of Tender Loving Care.

Mail and newspaper in, watering in and out, garbage out, home security check, including thermostat, varying lights, music and/or TV upon request.  All initial visits for dogs and cats include physical examination for any skin problems or lumps, and teeth checked for possible dental disease. You never have to worry about pick-up delays or office-hour problems. Your pets will be waiting for you at home! 


Overnight stays upon availability!! 

Cat Care includes feeding, litter change, brushing, socializing, administering medications for hair balls, flea prevention, etc. and lots of ‘TLC’! Y


Dog Care includes feeding, walking, brushing, socializing, administering heartworm, flea prevention, medications, etc. and lots of ‘TLC’! Y






Bird Care includes feeding seed, ‘veggies’, fruit, etc., daily water change, changing cage floor and socializing. Y

Aquariums Salt and Fresh water includes feeding, checking water and salt levels. Y

Reptiles include everything from Snakes, Iguanas to Turtles. Y

Exotics include Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Gerbils and Mice. Y

Horse care to include from teaching your horse to accept the saddle and bridle, retrain an older or difficult horse, give basic first aid to an injured animal, or simply maintain your stalls and feed your horses. Y




Extra services are available and include: Insulin injections, Emergency Visits, Pet Taxi Service, Out-of-town puppy pick-up and delivery, Home Checks (no pets needed), Extensive watering while you are away and Counseling in Pet Bereavement.




Y Please contact us at (772) 285-7197 for pricing information.  Or email us

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